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lauryn handmade wedding invitation in bold colors
m o d e r n
Caitlyn unique wedding Invitation. Modern invitation holds all components together
c u s t o m

Tiffany style unique handmade wedding invitation
wedding invitation

c o u t u r e

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programs and save the dates for your wedding
Welcome to Tucci Paper
We are a invitation design studio located in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to create unique, handmade wedding invitations, announcements and social event stationery fitting for any style and budget. Our design versatility can accustom any bride for the wedding invitation of her dreams - from classic and traditional wedding invitations to funky and flirty, to ultra hip and upscale wedding invitations- we can produce exactly what you need for your wedding or social event. We carry only the finest imported papers and decorative prints and embellishments to create a work of art. Our unique wedding invitation line consists of: save the dates, asian wedding invitations, beach & nautical themed wedding invitations and ultra modern wedding invitations with swarovski crystals for an upscale flair.
There are two ways to order your unique handmade wedding invitations:
1) Select a design available in our wedding invitation portfolio, or
2) start from scratch and create a custom wedding invitation. You can use our wedding swatches or consult with a designer.

choose a unique wedding font
Select a wedding motif
Select optional accessories: handlined envelopes | save the dates |custom maps | save-the-dates | and more!
Beautiful! Address your envelopes with custom motifs!


Don't be turned off by the price of a handmade wedding invitation. Most of our invitation styles can be easily assembled with our pre-printed DIY kits, making an impressive and unique wedding invitation that doesn't leave a hole in your pocketbook. You also have the option to purchase just what you need - add an embellishment, lined envelope or keep it simple with just a motif! Its completely up to you. Our handmade wedding invitations and unique wedding stationery are all produced by our talented artisans. We invite you to consult with our wedding invitation design team on the creation of your couture wedding invitations.

We're not just limited to wedding invitations! We also offer our services for industry launch parties, baby announcements, christening/baptism invitations, bridal shower invitations, bar/bat mitzvahs and all special occasion invitations.





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Couture Kimono Inspired Wraps

couture wedding invitation with feathers


Art Deco influenced wedding invitation designed for a fabulous wedding in Hollywood, California. Bridesmaids were funky fly and fitted in stunning flapper 20's style gowns. Truly unique!

Have us design a couture invitation for your event!



We have an eye for design!
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* Corporate clients with quantities in excess of 200 pieces, please allow up to three months production time.

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Important Wedding Invitations Tips
WHEN TO ORDER WEDDING INVITATIONS & WEDDING STATIONERY: Plan on ordering your unique wedding invitations and all wedding stationery at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding day. It takes between 4-6 weeks to produce your invitations as each wedding invitation is carefully crafted and handmade and are absolutely not mass produced! Make sure you get the wedding invitation of your dreams! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is always safe to plan ahead and get things taken care of. Check your wedding invitations off your list and get moving with other must-do's! Consult with our experienced wedding invitation designers to discuss your color schemes, themes and preferences for your wedding invitations.
Envisioning a unique wedding invitation of your own? Couture wedding invitations are our specialty! Creation of a custom wedding invitation takes more time, due to the consultation process. We do require 6-8 weeks completion on a unique and couture wedding invitation - and cannot accept rush orders for a custom job.

HOW MANY INVITATIONS? : When ordering wedding invitations and all wedding stationery - it is highly recommended that you order 10% more than your current guest list count. As a precaution to accomodate last minute guests, adjust for addressing errors during printing or hand addressing your envelopes, and to avoid additional charges once your project has gone to press, we highly recommend that you order more invitations than needed. In the event that additional invitations are required after your project has gone to press, you will be required to restart your whole order over again and wait an additional 4-6 weeks for your wedding invitations to get printed. As a general guide, you should only give one wedding invitation per household.

RSVP CARDS: RSVP cards or reply cards, are sent along with the main wedding invitation. This card generally requests certain information from your guests (total in party, entree choices, song requests, etc). The RSVP by date should be confirmed with your caterer as to finalize the total head count.
RSVP is an acronym for the french word Répondez s'il vous plait meaning"Please Reply".

SAVE THE DATE CARDS: Save the date cards announce your engagement to your family, friends and those near and dear to you! Save the date cards are an important notice for those with family and friends far away. Sending out save the date cards will notify the recipient of this special day to come and to make accomodations for the future event. They are a prelude to the actual wedding invitation and should be sent out within 3 months to one year of the actual wedding day. We recommend you send out itinerary booklets for your out of town guests with names and addresses of tourist hot spots, sights and scenes around the city.
DO I NEED OUTER ENVELOPES? : Based on tradition, the custom of providing an outer envelope for the wedding invitations and ensemblse began in the mid Eighteenth century, when messengers on horseback were used to deliver correspondence and wedding invitations. Handwritten envelopes sealed with the family's crest would likely get soiled during delivery and so wedding invitations were placed in double envelopes. Outer envelopes would then get discarded and the clean, inner envelope would then be presented on a silver tray by the butler to the master of the house.
Today's methods of mailing will not likely soil your envelopes, nor will there be a handy butler around, and for the most part, you'd get a "tire mark" from the envelopes going through the barcoding machines. Although it is less expensive to do without an outer envelope, the names written on the inner envelope of the wedding invitation clearly provide your guests with helpful information on who is invited. It's merely a matter of budget and tradition whether or not to include the outer envelopes. We offer our clients the option of purchasing an outer envelope.

ADDRESSING YOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS: It is a timeless tradition for formal wedding invitations to be hand addressed, usually by the bride or in calligraphy script. Unfortunately, most brides are busy handling other details and some do not have legible handwriting. We offer calligraphy script printing and modern hand addressing. If you're the traditionalist, when addressing your wedding invitations, make sure the street names are completely spelled out, including the directional North, South, etc. Also spelled out are titles of profession, i.e., Doctor, Professor, etc. See more of this topic.

Now offering Wedding Invitation MAILING SERVICES!
Matching Reception accessories for your wedding invitations! (Coordinate your entire wedding invitation set with your reception! seating cards, menus, table tent cards, programs & itinerary booklets NOW available!)

Are you do-it-yourselfer? Many of our handmade wedding invitations come in easy to assemble DIY kits!*return address on main and reply envelopes are an additional fee. please request return address printing on your order form

CREATE your own unique wedding invitation! Check our unique wedding swatches and create a work of art! A UNIQUE wedding invitation with our prints & unique wedding color combinations designed by YOU!

Croc Leather Wedding Invitations · Asian Brocade Wedding Invitations


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Mail your unique wedding invitations 4-8 weeks in advance


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Tucci Paper
formerly The Pulp Studio

Unique & Handmade Wedding Invitations
couture wedding invitation artistry

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Tucci Paper is a couture invitation boutique catering to the modern bride.
We produce each of our unique wedding invitations by hand, resulting in extraordinary artistry at its finest form.

Our design team has produced unique wedding invitations in the following themes: funky wedding invitations, elegant wedding invitations, asian wedding invitations, modern wedding invitations, art-deco wedding invitations, couture wedding invitations, beach themed wedding invitations, Las Vegas themed wedding invitations

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